$997.00 USD

Abundance Activation Intensive

Introducing the Abundance Activation 1:1 Intensive

Your Personalized Pathway to Attracting Premier Clients and Accelerating Your Impact in Just 2 Weeks!

Hey there Action-Taker! Are you ready to ignite your client attraction game and unlock a floodgate of abundance in your business? Say goodbye to stagnant growth and hello to exponential results with our transformative Abundance Activation Intensive.

Real results don’t take months, they simply take a desire and aligned action. Just ask my client Rosy, who quadrupled her investment in this offer within the first week of our Intensive! 

Here's What's Included:

🌟 Personalized Client Attraction Strategies and Implementation Map: We will dive deep into downloading the real clarity of vision you desire so that we can craft your personalized strategies to attract more premium clients now through offer optimization, releasing resistance and uncovering your top client attraction strategies you will implement immediately! We do this inside a powerful 1:1 90-Minute Intensive Session and then we reflect and refine two weeks later for your 2nd 55 Minute Intensive Session.

🌟 Session One: 90-Minute Deep Dive Call: Prior to this call you will receive self assessments to start your clarity the minute you press the buy button. In this intensive session, we will connect our higher selves and ensure you walk away with the authority, offer and strategies to attract more clients asap.  Plus, with our exclusive private Facebook Group with just you and I as members, you'll have access to the replay and ongoing support throughout our two-week journey.

🌟 Session Two: 55-Minute Refine Call: After taking inspired action, we'll reconvene to reflect on your progress and refine your strategy, mindset, and action plan based on your results. With 14 days to schedule Session Two, you'll have ample time to implement your personalized plan and witness tangible growth in your business.

By the end of our 14-day journey together, you'll emerge with a finely-tuned strategy to monetize your authority and tangible results that speak volumes about the power of action and intention.

Are you ready to unlock your authentic success code and attract your premium clients just by being you and taking action from that place of power?

Let’s dial in your fast actions that will make your business momentum dreams a reality. Grab your spot in the Abundance Activation Intensive and let’s do this together!



Carrie Koh is a former healthcare executive turned business mentor and coach to entrepreneurs who want to expand their impact and revenue streams through organic and personalized client attraction strategies. She is also a leadership mentor for physicians, consultant for innovative healthcare organizations looking at more cost effective solutions to become “the” place to work in their industry. She is a TEDx Speaker who teaches thought leadership and persuasive public speaking to those who want to increase their impact through stages, virtual and in-person.