I'm Carrie Koh, Business Oracle, Coach, Leadership Mentor and TEDx Speaker.

Created multiple 5 figure and 6 figure months in my business with organic client attraction and client referrals and I'm here to help you do the same.

My clients attract and close high ticket dream clients creating consistent and elevated revenue with zero icky cold outreach and no paid ads by uncovering their personalized, energetically aligned client attraction strategies.

I help impact-driven, professional entrepreneurs like you make more money in your business by monetizing your authority in your unique way.


Here's how to get started:

Join the community of entrepreneurs with a mission who are monetizing their authority with personalized client attraction strategies! When you join, get access to tons of resources like how to achieve your first 10K month, How to perfectly price your offer and more!

Accelerate Your Impact With Energetically-Aligned Leadership Strategies

Come follow me on IG for inspiring reels tips and content to give you the boost you need to remember that your business is always working and that you are the authority in your market. Drop into my DM's and say Hi!

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As part of my Accelerator community, it's my mission to help you articulate and monetize your true authority with ease. That starts with uncovering what you really want and creating a plan to get it for you. Book a free 20 minute desire mapping call here where we will dial in your real desire and map your personalized money making plan to get it. 

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What if you were one "aha" moment and personalized strategy away from creating massive momentum in your business. Maybe it's pricing and positioning your offer. Maybe it's that one elusive personalized client attraction strategy that finally feels good and works! Maybe it's the mindset strategy to help you become the person who creates a successful and sustainable business. This is why I created the Abundance Activation Intensive. Because sometimes you just want massive momentum and clients in just 2 weeks. No sales page, no sales call, just you and I, 1:1 for 2 weeks to elevate your sales momentum. Join here.

Abundance Activation Intensive

When you reimagine how easy it can be to create the revenue streams you desire, you untap new and better solutions. Ready to skip all those freebies and low ticket offers and finally get the results you actually came here to receive? Creating consistent high ticket revenue without stale strategies that don't feel aligned. Real revenue. Real Impact. Zero self doubt and resistance. Book a call here and we will reimagine your revenue potential through personalized authority building and Client Attraction.

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The Podcast! 🎤"It's Personal: Real Impact Requires Real Truth,"  cuts through the noise and gets real about making an impact in your own unique way. Get ready to turn adversity into your superpower!

It's Personal: Real Impact Requires Real Truth

Listen to my TedX Talk here to implement the 4 Choices to Overcome Adversity and get access to your free guide to apply the choices to your own life. Instead of allowing adversity to define you, let's use it as your superpower!

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Increase your visibility and confidence speaking in front of a virtual or live audience so you can connect, cultivate and convert your dream clients into your offer using your voice!

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